about me

Nicola D'Orta


Nicola D'Orta is a portrait ad lifestyle photographer based in Rome.


Born in Caserta, Italy, in 1984, today photographer certified by Leica Camera, I have always considered art as a means of communication in all its forms and expressions. I have studied at the University of Architecture “Luigi Vanvitelli” and I have a Master in Advanced Photography at The European Institute of Design (attended in Venice): this experience gave me so many tools to expand my knowledge about art, so that I have created my own form of individual creativity that has found its expression and practical synthesis in Photography. This world runs too fast and it often doesn’t give us the opportunity of appreciating the beauty all around, so my shots wants to be a small contribution in order to gather together moments, places and faces, turning them into images and unforgettable emotions.

image concept

The portrait project that I pursue is not just a means of communication that uses photography as a technological support: I consider it, rather, a cognitive means through which to create connections with the subject being photographed.

It’s the way I try to tell what’s behind a face, inserting it into an emotional, narrative and landscape context.
Contexts in which I usually evaluate compositional geometries and contrasts dictated by the light and environmental conditions in a specific moment. All in constant communication with the subject being filmed.

The use of only “natural light” leads me to explore new places and focus on those for which I feel particular fascination. This exploratory succession is the driving force of my photography.

To emphasize the reasons why I choose to portray certain subjects in certain places, I use black and white. In fact, for me it represents a help in reading the compositional characteristics I am looking for. In fact, by eliminating the information on color, I focus on reproducing the gray gradients, which in some way represent the “diversity of colors”. Once this is eliminated, all that remains are lights and shadows, shapes and contrasts.

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